Kristen Stewart Spotted With Hipster Girlfriend So Now She's a Lesbian Again

Kristen Stewart was out to dinner with a chick friend recently, sporting her usual grunge style. She had on her skinny jeans, an army-green jacket, and espadrilles, and her dining partner had on black pants, a sweatshirt, and a beanie.

Which obviously means they were on a lesbian date. Kristen had braids in her hair, people. Like, just a couple, and only on one side of her head. And it didn’t look like she was wearing any makeup, which as everyone knows, is a definite sign of lesbianism.


I mean, it makes sense that she would ward off men, after all the heartache she’s gone through with them. After she cheated on her dreamy boyfriend Robert Pattinson with that married director guy, everything went downhill in her love life. Thus began the era of angst, which is funny, because when has she ever not seemed angsty?

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But really, with all this on-again, off-again stuff with RPatz, not to mention the fact that he seems to keep going out with her friends, why wouldn’t she try batting for the other team?

She even looks like she might be happy going out for sushi with her lady friend! Like, so happy she even cracked a smile, which in Kristen Stewart Land is basically akin to euphoria. Yup, definitely a lesbian.

Or you know, just enjoying a girls’ night out. That could be it too.

Do you think Kristen is experimenting in the sexual orientation department?

Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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