Dean McDermott's Ex-Wife Has the Best Comment About Why He Went to Rehab

Tori SpellingAfter it was reported that Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, cheated on her with a woman he met at a hotel in Canada, everyone was like, Noooooo, that would never happen!! Not Dean!! No, actually, we were all like, Hmm. Coulda happened. I mean, he cheated on his first wife with Tori, so ... And now his first wife, Mary Jo Eustace, who split with Dean in 2005 after he and Tori fell for each other on the set of some Lifetime movie, is speaking out about Dean entering rehab for "health and personal issues." (Translation: Tori told him to get his ass into rehab or his goose was fried.)


Mary Jo told People magazine:

I wish Dean only the best in his struggle to overcome the demons he has been wrestling with for many years, so he can become the father and the man I know he wants to be.

Wow. That's a brilliant example of a way of seeming noble and above-the-fray whilst still getting in a dig. Notice the "overcome his demons" part? Heh heh. Nothing like simultaneously wishing your ex the best while crying out, "You have demons, you asshole!"

I'm not sure what demons Mary Jo is referring to exactly, but could be those vexing "cheating demons." Dean clearly had them while he was with Mary Jo -- and it looks suspiciously like he still has them with Tori.

Well, I do believe that some people just cheat because they can. People crave sex, and they occasionally do crave sex with someone besides the person they've been having it with for years. There is really nothing more to it that that, and if some people feel like they can get away with a little sex on the side, they have as many demons as someone who sneaks in a bit of macaroni-and-cheese when they're on a diet and have been on a diet for 10 years.

Other people, however, really do use sex to deal with their issues -- whether it's mommy and daddy issues, anger issues, insecurity issues, addiction issues, what have you.

Clearly, Dean "Demons" McDermott has worked the "issues" angle with Tori. Getting into rehab is a way of dealing with them or at least trying to save his marriage.

Rehab, however, seems to have become the one-stop-shopping solution for people who've gotten caught with their hand in the vag cookie jar. Hey, if it helps Dean learn to become a better husband and father, then why not.

Anyway, Mary Jo's comment couldn't have been better than if she said, "I truly admire Dean for working hard to become less of a douchewad." Heh. She must be experiencing just a wee bit of schadenfreude right now.

Do you think Mary Jo is secretly enjoying this?

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