Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors Heat Up With Latest Reported Surgery

Bruce JennerThe Kardashian family is full of drama -- there's Khloe and Lamar's divorce; Kim and Kanye's baby and his temper problems; Scott Disick and his drunken antics; Kendall and her fling with Harry Styles -- but lately Bruce Jenner has managed to out-drama them all! It's miraculous! But, really, it's hard to compete with Bruce lately, because if he's not trying to become a woman, he at least seems to be messing with our heads. No sooner did he step out with a French manicure than a magazine apparently got photographic evidence that Bruce went ahead and got surgery on his Adam's apple -- which he had supposedly cancelled.


The National Enquirer claims to have exclusive photos of Bruce after he went under the knife to get his Adam's apple shaved down. Bruce has denied that this is the beginning of his transformation into a woman -- but at least one doctor says that he has never seen a guy who wanted this surgery just for kicks.

Supposedly, Bruce went ahead and got the surgery on January 19. The gossip rag has him photographed with a bandage around his throat, which would, indeed, give the impression that he's had some sort of work done on his neck.

A source told the mag that Brucie was told to do no talking for a few days, to stay off his feet, and to take it easy and rest. And, oh yeah, just one other thing: Bruce supposedly talked at length to the doc about "having his penis removed next."

If any of this is remotely true, I just can't imagine how The National Enquirer is getting this information. Either someone in Bruce's inner circle is spilling the beans, or Bruce himself is (for whatever reason), or ... it's all a bunch of hooey! Bruce's first wife, Chystie Scott, reportedly blames these rumors on none other than Kris Jenner. But Kris has also publicly denied that Bruce wants to become Brenda.

It's very clear that Bruce has undergone some major physical changes lately -- not only the Adam's apple shave (if that happened), but the things we definitely CAN see. His perfect nails. His ponytail. His lip gloss and lip fillers. Tweezed brows.

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But, I dunno, maybe this is all Brucie's idea of looking young?

If Bruce really is planning on turning female, I guess he won't be able to hide it much longer -- in fact, probably won't want to. What's the use of being a girl if you can't dress up, slap on your heels and lipstick, and hit the town with the gals? Luckily for Bruce, he has a lot of daughters to show him the ropes.

And, Bruce, congrats on that Adam's-less apple.

Do you think Bruce is really undergoing a sex change?


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