Natalie Dormer's Shocking Hair Provides Clues to Next 'Hunger Games' Movie (PHOTO)

natalie dormerNatalie Dormer is best known as playing Margaery Tyrell in HBO's Game of Thrones. On the show (and I'm sure in real life), she's beautiful, intelligent, kind, is known to rock some amazing low-cut dresses, and even has the evil King Joffrey wrapped around her little finger. So you can only imagine fans' (and other people's) shock when tuning in to the SAG Awards last Sunday. Half of Natalie's gorgeous, flowing locks were gone!

Those who had no idea what her upcoming role is certainly were perplexed. Apparently she had to shave her head to play Cressida for the next Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay. Hopefully it'll help folks who admire Natalie breathe a sigh of relief that she didn't go all Britney Spears on us.


So who the heck is Cressida in the Hunger Games books? That's a wonderful question. If it isn't obvious by now, there are some BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD.

Welp, apparently Cressida is a resident director from the Capitol, which explains her wild hairstyle. Her head is shaved bald and tattooed vivid green vines. But she decides to join the rebellion with her camera crew, and they are asked to follow Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) around, the face of the revolution, and make some propos to pump up the morale.

Cressida was key in filming many iconic moments in Mockingjay, and seeing Natalie paired up with Jennifer Lawrence will certainly be a treat. They're both so beautiful and likable! Maybe some people really can have it all ... damn them!

Anyway, Cressida also accompanied Katniss and her team to infiltrate the Capitol at the climax of the book. Among the dangerous, violent traps they encounter during their mission include lizard-like mutts, a pod that melts one's skin like wax, and a Meat Grinder, which is rather self-explanatory. Should be interesting to see how they keep all of those deaths PG-13.

To stop their attack, the Capitol activated all their deadly pods and killed many of the residents. It was thought that Cressida was killed as well, but she survives and keeps filming all the districts to record the damage from the war.

Dormer said of her drastic new look: "It’s been hidden for three months. It happened back in October. I was, you know, waiting for the right moment," she explained.

"Francis Lawrence, the director of Mockingjay, and I discussed it and I took the job on the premise that I would possibly [have to] shave my whole head. I’m actually really pleased that we went halfway because I think it’s more the Capitol ... and that’s where Cressida comes from," Dormer said. "She comes from the Capitol, so she’s got a stylized thing going on and now she’s turned rebel. I think it’s right for the character."

Definitely a head-turner, Natalie! She really rocks that hairstyle. Now if only she'll take care of King Joffrey for us ...

What do you think of Natalie's new look? Were you shocked when you first saw it at the SAG Awards?


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