Khloe Kardashian Wears Skin-Baring Crop Top Just Like Kim – but Better

Khloe KardashianOMG. After you see this photo of Khloe Kardashian rocking a crop top and pencil skirt -- basically the same outfit Kim Kardashian wore last week that turned our heads -- you absolutely will not believe how amazing she looks.

I really don't think I'm exaggerating in the slightest when I say she looks just as slim and trim (if not more so) than Kim. And honestly, I think she may have just pulled off this look even better than her famous sister -- simply because it's not something we're used to seeing her wear.

Khloe took a huge risk with this little number ... and it paid off. Big time.


But even though she is showing a bit of skin with this outfit, she still looks sophisticated and classy, don't you think?

And I think she's taught women of all ages how to successfully wear the tummy-baring look without looking desperate. Keep the amount of skin exposed to a minimum -- and only give people a sneak peek instead of putting your belly button out there on display.

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Seriously, wouldn't Khloe look a bit weird (and borderline trashy) if she had on a low-waisted skirt instead of the pencil cut she's wearing? She looks so streamlined and slender -- and the crop top screams sexy ... but in a good way. (Not in a "Look at me, look at me -- I'm so skinny" way.)

Whatever Khloe has done to whip herself into shape is definitely working for her. If I were her, I'd think about raiding Kim's closet (or at least accompanying her on shopping trips) a little more often. If you've got it, flaunt it!

Do you ever wear crop tops?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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