Kate & Will's Iconic Engagement Photo Was a Complete Accident

Forget relying on your therapist to tell you whether you're in a happy relationship. If you really want the goods on a couple's love life, just ask their photographer! Famed photographer Mario Testino is the latest person to come out and share some juicy details about Kate Middleton and Prince William's love life. But, if you're looking for dirt, you're going to have to keep digging. According to Mario, the Royal Couple is "completely in love."

In fact, they are so enamored of one another that one of the most iconic photos ever taken of them -- their official engagement portrait -- was an absolute accident, the kind of happy mistake that could only occur when the photo subjects are so smitten, they get lost in their own world. So sweeeeet!


Mario photographed Kate and Will for nearly two hours and managed to grab some really pretty shots. I mean, how could you not when these spectacularly gorgeous people are in the frame, right? But something was missing. The photo shoot sounds like it was typical for the Royal Family, with many staged and perfectly beautiful snaps resulting from it. But we all know Kate and Will aren't your typical royal couple.

Just as the photographer was wrapping things up, he says he noticed Kate and Will hugging by a radiator. Like a true pro, he grabbed his camera and captured the sweet embrace, which truly shows how much these two dig each other. 

Mario, who has also photographed Princess Diana, went even further in his praise and said Kate is beautiful in a way that differs from Will's mom. She "radiates happiness" and is "comfortable in her love."

It's always nice to hear people reaffirm what we already assume: that Will and Kate are a pretty awesome match. But I'm loving the story behind their engagement photo. Many of us look back at our own professional engagement or wedding photographs and can easily spot the ones that make us look like we are lit up from within. If there's one thing that's difficult to fake, it's true love in photos.

Do you think Kate and Will's engagement photo looks like it captures their true love? 


Image via Corbis

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