Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Look Like Herself in Latest Attempt at Leather

kim kardashianWhen I read the words "Kim Kardashian's Latest Leather Ensemble," my mind went to a very specific place. That place was sexual. I gave a mew of surprise at the idea of Kim being photographed in bondage wear. Because why else would her decision to wear leather make the pages of any periodical other than some animal rights rag?

So imagine my surprise when, clicking on said link, I'm presented with the least expected version of Kim imaginable. Dressed in a suede skirt and a full-coverage, high-necked leather top, she looked more like a nun than a no-nonsense whip brandishing madame.


I appreciate the risks she takes with couture. I think that's the case because very often they don't work -- an aspect of her public life that is perhaps the most real side she presents: She is not a perfect fashion plate. This look is a good example of what I mean.

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Her figure looks great. It always does. Regardless of her weight or the truth behind those curves, Kim has a body that, in modern parlance, won't quit. The cinched waist of this leather near-peplum highlights her amazing silhouette.

But it also makes her look like 18th century schoolmarm. That neckline, those sleeves, the monochromatic black decision. She's a re-purposed gear-monocle away from looking like some nerd at a steam punk con.

It wasn't the only leather look she rocked while visiting Paris with Kanye West. But it was her least successful. (I'd like to just reassure everyone concerned that I have every right to throw shade because I am writing this article whilst wearing a full Givenchy ballgown and a sneer.) She also sallied forth in a far more flattering ensemble featuring black fur, a high-waisted black leather skirt that looked like labia, and a black jersey top. Comparison to genitals aside, the mixed textures of this look really made it pop for me personally -- and that is all that matters.

Which of the two looks do your prefer? Do you think meat is murder?


Image via Instagram

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