'Game of Thrones' Season 4 On-Set Video Teases the Mind-Blowing Brilliance of the Show

game of thrones season 4Now fans can officially count down the days, minutes, seconds to Game of Thrones season 4. Set to premiere on April 6 (so far away!), not only has the full-length trailer been released, but now HBO has come out with a super-cool behind-the-scenes look at some of the most memorable moments of season 4 soon to grace our television screens. From these brief but amazing glimpses, it looks like season 4 is going to be just as good -- if not better than -- season 3!

Keep in mind this is a television show, not a blockbuster film. When production spans 4 countries and 180 days of shooting, plus an insane number of cast and crew working to put together just one season of television, it really blows your freakin' mind.

Plus, the looks at some of the best scenes to come make this 1-minute, 30-second trailer the most fantastic part of your day. Seriously. It's wonderful.


Before we proceed, here it is!

As production designer Deborah Riley says:

Not only do you have nearly 600 script pages, but you’ve got six different directors and five different DPs. And you’ve got 19 weeks of shoots using two parallel units. It is madness!

****There are some BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD. Not insane spoilers, but if you want to know absolutely nothing about season 4, go do something else!!

Did you see Pedro Pascal, aka the Red Viper, warming up before his big battle with The Mountain? Also how about the sneak peek of the Purple Wedding, with a gorgeous Margaery and a very pissed off King Joffrey? And OMG the battle on The Wall with Jon Snow kicking ass! Wildings are attacking! Brienne, Arya, Tyrion, Jaime, even Tywin, oh how we have missed you so.

Looks like an insane amount of work that is going into this beloved nerdgasm of a show. The numbers themselves behind the scenes are simply overwhelming. Cannot wait to see the final product this spring and watch how it all comes together. Only a few short months to go!

What was your favorite part of this behind-the-scenes sneak peek?


Image via HBO

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