Kristen Stewart Reveals 1 Thing She's Bad at but She Must Be Confused (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart

Well, well, well, somebody definitely isn't shy about putting her weaknesses out there on the table. Kristen Stewart has admitted she sucks at bowling -- which is, of course, like the most embarrassing thing ever. (Kidding.)

But seriously, her Camp X-Ray co-stars totally threw her under the bus on the red carpet at the Sundance premiere of the flick -- even going so far as to say she needs bumpers to help her out. (My 7-year-old uses bumpers. 'Nuff said.)

Of course, while KStew admitted bowling ain't exactly her thing, she couldn't resist tooting her own horn a bit to make up for her lack of skills.


Check out this video to hear what she had to say.


Really? In case you didn't catch that, she said, "Oh, I am. I'm awful, and it sucks because I'm really kind of good at everything."

Wow. I hate to break it to ya honey, but there's one other thing you aren't as good at as you'd like to think. Just ask Robert Pattinson.

Oh come on, it's fair to say she pretty much sucks at relationships too, right? I know, I know -- everyone makes mistakes, which is all the Rupert Sanders cheating incident was. But based on how many times she and Rob have been off and on again since the whole scandal went down, it's safe to say lasting love isn't one of her biggest strengths.

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The "I suck at bowling" thing is a total coverup for the fact that Kristen isn't as perfect as she thinks she is, even though she insists she's "good at everything." Ok, so she was probably referring to sports and things of that nature, but still -- throwing gutter balls is really the least of her problems at this point.

Do you think Kristen probably needs to be a bit more humble?


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