What Cookie Jar of Weed? Cops Say Justin Bieber's Home Was Drug-Free

justin bieberOver the weekend it was reported that when cops raided Justin Bieber's mansion, a treasure trove of drugs and drug paraphernalia were unearthed. The reputable TMZ first broke the story, but now authorities are saying, "Hold up! That's not what we found at all, yo!"

It's actually being reported that Biebs' house was nothing more than one giant library. The dude doesn't even have a TV. It's just books, books, and more books for JB.


Just kidding. But cops are saying that the reports of what was found at Bieber's house just aren't true. Lt. David Thompson, who swears he isn't covering for Bieber, because he "is a huge pain" for his department, claims that the pad was neat and "orderly." He claims that there were no cookie jars filled with weed, as TMZ reported, and he didn't see any empty bottles of codeine in sight. He also added that "nobody had any time to flush anything," refuting claims that Biebs' friends scattered like leaves and headed straight for the bathroom when the cops showed up. However, another officer who requested anonymity said that there was bong in plain view.

I hate to be a conspiracy theorist/celeb basher, but I, personally, am more apt to believe TMZ in this one. The reason the cops were at the singer's house was because of an egging incident Justin's been linked to, not to bust him for drugs. For a police officer (who's not anonymous) to come out and give a run-down of what was found is somewhat unprofessional and not at all pertinent to why they were there in the first place.

But with that said, I really hope they release the video of Justin egging his neighbor's house, should it exist. It might not be professional, but it'll sure be interesting.

Do you think there were drugs in Bieber's house?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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