Sasheer Zamata Makes 'SNL' Debut: Her 3 Most Hilarious Moments (VIDEOS)

shasheer zamata on SNL as rihannaAfter much tongue-clucking, controversy and hype, 27-year-old Sasheer Zamata -- the first female black Saturday Night Live cast member to join the show in SIX years!! -- made her debut last night. The reviews and reactions are in, and the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe performer (obviously) knocked it out of the park.

What's more, SNL didn't feel the need to make a big to-do about it. They just put her in a bunch of skits, and let her shine, which was the perfect approach. Here, Sasheer's highlights of the night ...


1. Sasheer got in on the first laughs of the night, playing Drake's uncle's girlfriend and wishing the rapper a spirited "mazel tov!" as he flashed back to his bar mitzvah in the opening monologue.

2. Having been known to do a formidable Rihanna impression, Sasheer brought her best "bad gal RiRi" to the second sketch of the night "Before They Were Stars."

3. The most screen time Sasheer got last night, however, was in the digital short music video "Resolution Revolution," singing the earworm (I'm warning you) hook to the song about trying to ditch vices like doughnuts, booze, and sex toys. Ha, yes, you just have to see it ...

Love it. Can't wait to see much more and hilarious, much-needed impressions galore -- the FLOTUS, a Scandal skit, Beyonce?! -- from this talented comedian!

What was your favorite of Sasheer's appearances last night?

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