Justin Bieber Used Oldest Trick in Book to Win Back Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber

In case you were wondering how Justin Bieber, who just seems to be in the middle of one giant and very long midlife crisis despite being only 19, managed to win back the heart of normal-seeming Selena Gomez, HollywoodLife claims to have the answer. The gossip site says that a friend of Selena's told them that Justin used a variety of win-her-back tricks, including telling Selena that she "is The One," and that "no one compares" to her and that he's "lost" without her. He's lost, that's for sure!


Selena, being like most women, had been wanting to hear all of this for a long time and believes it means he's going change.


Women just love to hear that kind of gooey talk from guys, but there's a big problem with it. Women think guys truly mean this stuff, and that it will affect behavioral change. Guys think saying it is enough. Some of them might even WANT to change at the time they are spewing all of these sweet nothings, but a little while later, they don't want it so much, or they quickly realize they can't change.

The woman, however, doesn't realize this until the behavior itself continues, and it's very confusing and hurtful given that, days or weeks prior, a guy was professing his undying love!

Plus, look at Justin's behavior. Is a guy who eggs another guy's house ready to grow up?

It appears even people in his inner circle are getting sick of him, with TMZ reporting that after one turned on him, he began circulating fake text messages, purportedly from Justin to Selena, in which she urged him to go to rehab and he told her:

F**k you. F**k [Justin's manager] scooter. F**k all y'all I AM DONE! Can't hear you over my cash, babe! You're only famous cuz of me.

He also apparently sent her a pic of his junk.
Are we positive these are fake?
Do you think Justin will change his ways?

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