Madonna Uses 'N' Word on 13-Year-Old Son & Predictably Gets Trashed

Oh, Madonna. Even at 55 years old, she still manages to stir up controversy. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Madge caused a ruckus in the mommyverse when she posted a photo to Instagram of her 13-year-old son, Rocco, and a couple of his buddies holding vodka and gin bottles. That didn't go over to well, but Madonna being Madonna, that's not going to stop her from doing something else she surely knew would ruffle some feathers -- she called that same son the "N" word.


Madonna posted a photo of Rocco on Instagram in boxing gear and wrote:

No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disn***a

Dirty Soap is some kind of nickname for Rocco, who is clearly taking boxing lessons.

The term "dis n***a" -- at least according to Urban Dictionary -- is "A term that one employs when talking about themselves or others; tone usually defines the meaning, which is typically either boasting, or insulting others."

I'm going to go with boasting here. While many on Instagram thought Madonna's language was fine, there were others who were outraged. Wrote one:

MADONNA U NEED TO TAKE UR arthritis medicine instead of trying to be hip on the internet.

Let's face it, the term "n***a" has been co-opted by the masses and generally means "pal," "friend," "dude" and the like. I hear it used all of the time by young people, white, black, and everything in between. I hear black kids call their white friends this term, I hear Asians use it with each other.

Madonna, of course, knows from where the term originated, and should know enough to know that it's still very controversial. Just ask her former pal Gwyneth Paltrow, who got in trouble for tweeting it last year and immediately got off Twitter. (Some say, however, that Gwyneth can use the word because she has a "black pass.")

It would be laughable to insinuate that Madonna is somehow racist -- obviously she is NOT. She has two black children, for goodness sakes. She's been an enormous icon and supporter of the black community.

But white people should probably just never use the word at all, given that it's too complex to figure out who has the black pass and who doesn't.

Madonna eventually took down the offending language and instead wrote:

Ok let me start this again. #get off of my dick haters!

Ah, Madonna. Stay classy, girl!

Should Madonna have known better?


Image via Madonna/Instagram
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