Kate Middleton's Beloved Pup May Not Be Getting Along With Prince George

lupo kate middleton prince williamAfter being brought under the wing of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, royal Cocker Spaniel Lupo was on top of the world. He even posed with the young royals and Prince George in their beautiful first family portrait! But now, reports say that Kate and Wills' canine has gotten the boot. First, he was reportedly not allowed at the Sandringham Christmas festivities with the excuse being that he wouldn't do well with the Queen's corgis. More recently, further evidence has royal watchers wondering if the pup is even living at Kensington Palace these days!

According to VanityFair.com, the dog spent the holidays with Kate's parents Michael and Carole Middleton, and her brother James Middleton and his girlfriend Donna Air were both recently spotted walking Lupo in London. As a result, various British tabloids are wondering if perhaps Lupo's "ousting" has to do with him not getting along with little George. Oh no!


Let's hope this isn't the case! That would be heartbreaking all around. After all, Kate and William were so happy with Lupo, considering him a part of their family. Back in August, William even said, "For me, Catherine, and now little George are my priorities. And Lupo." Aww. The pup also accompanied Kate during much of her pregnancy during walks to a Kensington Palace-adjacent Starbucks, and William told the press that Lupo and George were getting along just fine. "He's coping all right, actually," the Prince revealed at the time.

Of course some individual dogs, dog breeds, and certain animals in particular are not fond of small children. According to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue:

If raised around children, most Cocker Spaniels grow up to be good with children of any age. If not raised around children, some Cocker Spaniels may find young children to be too much to handle as they pull tails and ears and are a little too rough when playing with the small dog.

I would think/hope that Lupo would fall under the former description -- being raised along with the baby. But who knows ... Fingers crossed they're okay, and James and Donna are just dog-sitting for a bit for some other reason. Having to give up a dog is horrible experience for anyone to go through -- even if you are Kate Middleton and have the rest of the world on a string.

What do you suspect is going on with Lupo?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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