6 Nasty Celebrity Feuds That May Never Die

miley cyrusDrama, drama, drama. You'd think (given that it's what they do for a living) most celebrities would be sick of it. But year after year of salacious Hollywood feuding had proved that it isn't the case. From reality stars to A-Listers and everyone in between, no one is immune from getting their feud on from time to time.  


Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? For your consideration, 6 of Hollywood's juiciest feuds in recent memory. The fights may be over -- or they could be raging still. Either way, the story behind each scandal is definitely one worth revisiting. So bring in your Mileys and your Taylors -- and let's get to brawling! 

What do you think makes for the juiciest celebrity feuds?

Image via Splash News 

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