Kim Kardashian Shares New North Pic But That's Not All She Reveals (PHOTO)

north westThe ever-gorgeous Kim Kardashian decided to take a breather from showing off photos of her butt, her abs, and her cleavage in order to show us photos of her even more ever-gorgeous daughter, North. Kim bestowed the new pics of her baby to Ellen on a show that's airing Friday, and oh my Lord, is this little doll sweet. At 7 months, she's really starting to look like Kim! Lucky gal!

Kim also shared some juicy gossip about Kanye and how many more kids she wants.


The reality star said that, if it weren't for her rough pregnancy, she would have "a million babies." She definitely would go through it again, though, because "it's all worth it in the end." And when Ellen asked Kim about the kind of dad Kanye is, Kim said: "He's the most amazing dad. He just loves to go out of town, so I send him a picture and video every day. He's a really hands-on dad." She then added, after Ellen asked, that "he's not a diaper kind of guy."

Yep. Apparently, Yeezy doesn't do the doo. I mean, he will if it's an emergency, but for the most part, he leaves the wiping of butts and lady bits to Kim. But that's okay. Kim likes it! She told Ellen that it's her special bonding time with North. "I love that time. I know it sounds crazy, but I love my time with her when she’s on the changing table. She tries to talk so much and I really enjoy that bonding time when I’m with her," she said. That doesn't sound crazy at all, Kim! Changing the diaper of an infant can be kinda great. It's so sweet when they just sit back, relax, and coo and babble. (Note: This will change at some point. When North hits around 12 months or so, she will try to get off the table when you put her up there, making diaper changes markedly more difficult.)

Anyway, thanks for sharing the tidbits and, more so, the pics, Kim! It isn't every day we get to see personal photos that don't involve, well, you. Keep 'em coming. That baby is gorgeous!

What kind of mom do you think Kim is?


Image via Kim Kardashian

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