Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Location Leaked & It's Amazing!

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Most of us assumed we'd have to wait another nine days to find out the exact location of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding, you know -- because it would be really unfortunate for the venue to leak, making security one huge nightmare.

And, duh, that's exactly what's happened. We already knew that Sean and Catherine would be tying the knot in Santa Barbara, though whether their nuptials would take place on the grounds of a fancy estate or at a posh resort was unknown ... until now, that is.

Are you ready for this one?


The wedding is set to take place at the ultra-luxurious Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. And no, Sean and Catherine didn't spill the beans on the location -- the hotel did. (Nice going, Four Seasons.)

Yep. They dished out these details in a press release, and the general manager of the property, Karen Earp, said:

It’s a truly special place that has served as inspiration and fairy tale wedding destination for thousands of brides and grooms over the decade. We are so happy to be the location for Sean and Catherine’s wedding celebration and honoured to forever be a part of their love story.

Geez. Way to let the cat out of the bag and spoil all the suspense, Karen.

You kind of have to feel bad for anyone who happens to be staying at the Four Seasons on January 26. Now the place is sure to be bombarded with photographers and such hoping to catch a glimpse of the happy couple and/or the wedding festivities.

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But as far as Sean and Catherine are concerned -- could they possibly have chosen a more fabulous place to get hitched?!?

Um, it's the Four Seasons. In Santa Barbara. The setting is smack dab in between the ocean and the mountains on grounds adorned with palm trees. It seriously couldn't be more ideal for a wedding. (And something tells me the honeymoon suite ain't too shabby either.)

As if their love story weren't already straight out of a fairy tale, now Sean and Catherine get to make things official in a place fit for a prince and princess.

I'm not sure whether I'm happy for them, seething with jealousy, or a combination of both.

And I can't wait to attend this freakin' wedding. From the comfort of my living room, of course.

Do you think the Four Seasons is an ideal wedding venue for Catherine and Sean?


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