Jon Gosselin ‘Upset’ After Twin Teenage Daughters Froze on Live TV (VIDEO)

On the heels of the People magazine interview in which they said their mom was annoying, Kate Gosselin’s teenage twins Mady and Cara went on the TODAY show Thursday morning to talk more about life growing up in the spotlight.

It did not go well. The 13-year-olds basically froze on camera, fidgeting in their seats rather than answering the live interview questions from co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. Kate was there too and, in a performance that made me cringe, seemed to goad them along rather than let them gather their thoughts and form words. Apparently their dad was none too happy with the interview either.


Take a look at the painful interview and keep reading to find out how Jon Gosselin felt about his daughters on TODAY:

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After watching the segment at home with his girlfriend, he told TMZ:

I felt upset. I was laying there with Liz [Jannetta] and we were like, 'Say something girls. Come on! Just say something. Anything.' And they didn't say anything and we were like, 'Ugh, this is horrible.' Then I felt really bad. I mean, I didn't care too much for Kate or whatever, but I felt really bad for Mady and Cara because I love them and they're just put in this situation. It was like deer in the headlights.

The girls had been asked how their lives have changed since Jon & Kate Plus 8 ended in 2011. Neither seemed to be able to come up with a response, instead shifting uncomfortably and darting their eyes back and forth between each other and their mother, who declared, “So this is their chance to talk? This is the most wordless I’ve heard them all morning.”

Jon said that he believes his ex-wife “manipulated” the girls into doing the show, even though he can’t prove it. He also said that his daughters were probably very conflicted about what to say and whom to please.

By body language they were probably like, 'What's the moral thing to do and what does my mom want me to do?' They were torn and they just shutdown ... It was just a classic case of being silent. You get to a point where you are like, 'I don't know who to please. Do I please myself or do I please my parents -- or my mother?'

Maybe the answer is even simpler than that. What’s the best way to keep an attention-hungry mother off your back with media requests? Sabotage the appearances. It wouldn’t be the first time teen daughters had rebelled against their mom, after all.

But it’s just a theory.

Why do you think Mady and Cara froze in the live interview? Do you believe Kate that it was just “stage fright”?

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