Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Can't Wait to Get Their Wedding Over With

catherine giudici sean loweIf you've been following Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's romance since they got together on The Bachelor  and you're more skeptic than hopeless romantic, you may have your suspicions about why exactly they feel the need to rush* down the aisle and tie it up on January 26. (*Rush being defined by way faster than most Bachelor couples who put it off or never end up doing it at all ...) You might even think that -- surprise! -- it has something to do with the fact that Sean is a "born-again virgin," and the two are super-antsy about consummating their marriage.

After all, they have been engaged since March 11, 2013. And in love and living together and planning their big day ... all while reportedly remaining abstinent. AGH! Now, while he's not admitting they're saying "I do" so they can do it, Sean did open up to InTouch about how it feels to wait it out.


He says:

I think we know each other a lot better now. You have to work at being in a healthy relationship, which we have done, and we both know why we’re great for each other. We both know the things that were lacking in ourselves and, together, we overcome those things.

Blah blah blah. He shoulda just said something like ... 'I think I know more than ever that my fiancee has an extremely hot body. You have to work at suppressing your sexual urges, which we have done, and we both know why we're extremely frustrated. But we both know now that, in less than a couple of weeks, I will be giving us the green light to be the horny heathens we know we are.'

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Meanwhile, Catherine seems to believe that waiting has bolstered their relationship, explaining:

Since I met him, I have always been attracted to him … but every day I’ve gotten to learn more and more about him; it’s kind of like we’ve merged into one inseparable person. I can’t wait to solidify that bond!

Yeah, I'm sure she can't! Sounds like they're thinking that after all this abstaining, their first night as Mr. and Mrs. will be all blinding fireworks and rushing waterfalls. (Ha ha, good luck with that!) Let's just hope for their -- and the franchise's -- sakes, it ends up being well worth the wait! 

Do you think sex had anything to do with these two wanting to get married sooner rather later?


Image via Catherine Giudici/Instagram

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