Kim Kardashian May Be Planning to Be a Pregnant Bride

kim kardashian kanye westIf the latest buzz is to be believed, the Big Fat Kimye Wedding is coming to a tabloid, if not TV, near you this summer! And while speculation used to be that Kim was going to wait until she dropped the baby weight from little North before tying it up with Kanye, now rumor has it that she's actually hoping to be pregnant with baby #2 by the time she says "I do." I know -- mind, blown. This kinda changes everything we thought we knew!

Apparently, a source close to Kanye tells Us that Kim is loving motherhood so much that "baby No.2 is on [her] mind." "She says she wants to be expecting by June and be a pregnant bride. She’s hoping to have a girl next and then a boy,” another source close to Kim claims. The magazine says that the wedding will most likely be in July. So that way, she won't yet be showing, I guess?


Sounds like that's a potential way of things working out ... or it could occur in a completely different way. “If it happens before the wedding, it happens,” a friend of Kanye’s explained. “They aren’t trying to not let it happen.” In other words, they pulled the goalie and are just leaving it up to fate to see what happens, huh?

By the way, I wouldn't be so quick to assume this is tabloid fantasy. Not only do the Kardashians have a pretty tight relationship with Us, but Kim's rep had no comment. So, I bet there is at least some truth here! And if that's the case, hey, more power to Kimye. Only they can say what will work best for them as a couple and a growing family. It can be incredibly joyful to be getting married and having another little one on the way at the same time.

Plus, being a bride with a bump (even a very little, not even noticeable one) is increasingly common and totally cool these days. (Consider fellow, famous pregnant brides Drew Barrymore, Kailyn Lowry, Reese Witherspoon, etc.) And what a way for Kim to make this wedding way different from her last two!

What do you think about Kim shooting to be a pregnant bride?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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