First 'Mad Men' Season 7 Sneak Peek Leaves Us Hungry for More (PHOTOS)

jon hamm smoking on set of mad menBack when we were awaiting the premiere of the sixth season of Mad Men, paparazzi got a glimpse of Megan and Don Draper, ahem, I mean Jessica Paré and Jon Hamm on the beach in Hawaii! She was in a sexy, brightly-colored bikini and he was reading Dante's Inferno. So many context clues! Then we saw Don at a wedding! Even more to cluck our tongues about. Well, this time around, we're not getting nearly as lucky. The first sneak peek paparazzi shots of season 7 are out and they're just not that telling at all. But hey, they're something, right? And they're providing at least a few clues.

The first season 7 images show Don smoking outside of The Algonquin Hotel in Los Angeles. He's characteristically broody. Other images show him with Jim Cutler (Harry Hamlin), previous rival-cum-senior partner at the now merged Sterling Cooper and Partners ...


don draper with jim cutler sterling algonquin

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So, from at least this quick glimpse behind the scenes, we can safely assume speculate ...

  1. Don is in California ... hanging out with Pete and Ted? Trying to strike up a deal to work with them out there since he was cut loose from SC&P?
  2. OR they're trying to have the Algonquin in L.A. stand-in for the NYC hotel of the same name. Which would be lame.
  3. There's no wedding ring in sight, so perhaps he and Megan are separated or, worse yet, divorced?
  4. Judging from the brown suit, and how Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant always ties her style choices for the characters to their mood or situation, Don's not exactly in the darkest hour of his life here, but it's definitely not time for sunshine and lollipops.
  5. Also, judging by his suit, the year has to be 1969. Or maybe 1970. Err, okay, it could be any time in the late '60s, early '70s, but my bet's on '69!

What would you conclude from these shots?


Images via KAT/Splash News

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