Kim Kardashian’s Own Mom Plays Dumb About Kanye West ‘Assault’

kris jennerKris Jenner is nothing if not a white blazered media mastermind. But her latest attempt to pull the wool over our eyes is ri-god-damn-diculous. In regards to the recent Kim and Kanye kerfuffle, Kris told an Australian radio show that she had no idea what was going on. She claimed to have not talked to any of her kids and that we're all just as in the know as she is.

Y'okay, Kris! Y'okay!!!


Kris told 2DayFM on air: "I do know that how it started was that this person got really ... a lot of racial, hateful, horrible things that he was saying. And I think that's where it started. I'm not quite sure how it ended, to be honest with you. I got wind of this last night because I had been out of town. I think that what happened was that somebody got really out of line. Very hateful person." Kris also added that she has "google alerts" for all of her children. "Sometimes that's how I keep track of these kids, because they're everywhere. And if I don't have my little Google alert every morning, how am I going to keep up with these Kardashians?" she said. Nice pun, dude.

Okay, so if Kris does have Google alerts for her kids, and she read about what happened with Kanye and that kid who was allegedly yelling racial slurs at Kim, don't you think she would have immediately picked up the phone and called Kim? I'm not buying her "I haven't talked to anyone" shtick. If she didn't want to comment, she should have just not commented. Wait, is it scientifically possible for Kris not to comment on one of her kids? I can't remember if that was ever proven or not.

Eh, whatever. I'm sure the truth about this disturbing ordeal that Kim and Kanye are involved with will come to light soon. But Kris? Quit trying to get one over on us. You're good, but not that good.

Do you think Kris hasn't spoken to any of her kids? What do you think of her having google alerts for them?


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