Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Comments Reveal an Alarming Addiction

jloDays like today I wish Jennifer Lopez had written and/or recorded "Oops I Did It (Again)." if only for the unfortunate puns. 'Oops,' I might write, 'is JLo getting ready to do it again?' But sadly, she did not. So I am forced to write, we're not fooled by the rocks that she got -- and we're not fooled about the latest comments JLo's made about a future with boy-toy Casper Smart.

Oofff. I know. That was rough. Not as rough as a recent American Idol press panel was for everyone's favorite denizen of the block. It's got to kind of suck that you go someplace to talk about your job and have to be constantly reminded that, at this point, you're more famous for your verging-on-Elizabeth-Taylor-territory number of marriages than you are for anything else. But Jenny doesn't make things easier on herself. 


Somebody get Ken Burns on the line, because Lopez has kicked up a dust-bowl of controversy. When asked about her various romantic entanglements including her most recent marriage to Marc Anthony, she was almost shockingly candid. Girlfriend is a serial monogamist:

I'm one of those people who does not like to be alone. I have no shame saying that at this point in my life, I think we have to own who we are.

Um, it's all well and good that she knows that about herself, but maybe that's something she should, I don't know, work on? Lopez is 45 and the mother of two. I think learning how to be alone is an important (also critical) skill for any adult. Until you learn how to stand on your own two feet, it seems crazy to me that she's even surprised that her marriages keep ending.

It's like the broad is addicted to marriage the way other celebs claim to be addicted to sex. Cue my MASSIVE eye-roll. She hasn't ruled out marrying for the fourth time! She's been with Casper Smart for two years, and she just says, "We'll see" when asked. I think she should forget "we'll see," take a break from the dudes, and sort herself out. 

Do you think JLo's got a marriage addiction?


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