Justin Bieber Freaks Out About What Cops Will Find on His Seized Phone

Justin BieberWith all of the trouble Justin Bieber has caused the past year or so, who would have thought it would be eggs that could bring him down. Bieber, already in trouble for tagging public buildings with graffiti, speeding, paparazzi skirmishes, and some close calls with drug possession, has so far managed to escape the law like Bo and Luke Duke always managed to escape Boss Hogg. But then came eggicide. Bieber reportedly egged the house of his neighbor and the victim caught it on tape. The egging caused $20,000 in damage, so Bieber could be arrested on felony charges. The cops raided Bieber's home looking for eggidence in the eggspiracy.


Instead cops found drugs and arrested Bieber's friend Lil Za on felony drug charges, since cocaine was reportedly in plain sight when the cops burst open the door with a battering ram (that's not sarcasm, reportedly that's what they did). Bieber was apparently home at the time and detained, but not arrested.

While they were there, cops seized Bieber's cellphone. TMZ says that Bieber is upset about what the fuzz might find on it. They were allowed to take the phone because there might be text message eggidence on it -- such as planning or bragging about the eggsault.

But Biebs is more worried about the cops finding -- well, you can probably guess. Nude photos.

And you just know if there are any on the phone (and apparently you can't be a celebrity without nude photos on your phone or computer), they'll probably leak onto the Internet in no time. Hold onto your hats, boys and girls, because I suspect by the end of the day, we'll all know what Bieber's manhood looks like. Though I for one refuse to look. Unless, you know, I have to. For my job. Yes, that's how dedicated I am to updating you on the world's most crucial events.

Do you think someone will leak the nude photos?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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