Trace Adkins Heads to Rehab After Crazy Cruise Ship Brawl

Trace AdkinsI thought cruises were supposed to be relaxing? Admittedly, I've never been on one. Let alone one where someone impersonating me is prominently featured. Sadly the same cannot be said for country singer Trace Adkins. Hold on to your cowboy hats. You're about to hear a cringe-worthy tale, you guys.

Trace was on a cruise ship headed for Jamaica. Performing on the cruise? A dude who impersonates Trace Adkins professionally. Impersonators are super weird, as a rule. I say that having been accosted by Elmo in Times Square on multiple occasions. Whether it was the impersonator or not, something set off the real Trace big-time.


Trace, an alcoholic who has been sober for a little over 12 years, got into a physical altercation with fake-Trace. That's right, an actual fist-fight with his doppelganger. What caused the fight, no one really knows. The two men were both in the bar on the ship where karaoke was taking place. Could fake-Trace have said something that didn't sit right with real-Trace? Was real-Trace drinking and his fake-counterpart called him out on it?

Whatever the reason, stuff got serious. As soon as the ship docked, real-Trace bolted. No, he's not living life on the lam or anything. In fact, reports have surfaced saying that Trace was making a beeline for rehab where he is now. Whatever the cause for Trace's drinking, there's no excuse for physical violence. Maybe it was the closest Trace could get to actually beating up himself. Here's hoping he gets the help he needs and is well soon.

What do you think the two Traces were fighting about?

Image via Splash News

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