Harry Styles Must Love Kendall Jenner if He's Bringing Her Home to His Mum

Harry Styles Kendall JennerAs the weeks go on, things seem to keep heating up between the two of them -- supposedly Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are meeting each other's families, which is basically an admission that they are, indeed, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Remember the little ski trip Kendall and Harry took to Mammoth in California not too long ago? Yeah, well apparently she brought him home to spend some time with the Kardashian/Jenner clan afterward -- and it sounds like things went perfectly.


An insider says Kendall's mom, Kris Jenner, thought Harry was "charming" and is a "wonderful match" for her daughter -- which shouldn't come as a huge surprise. (Duh. He's only in the biggest boy band in the world. If that isn't good for publicity, nothing is.)

And now that Harry has met Kendall's fam, supposedly he'll be bringing her across the pond to Cheshire some time soon to introduce her to his family as well.

OMG. If this is really happening, it's a HUGE step, people! Meeting the parents isn't something couples usually do unless they are exclusive and don't plan on dating anyone else. Harry and Kendall must care about each other a great deal to make this move.

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Bringing someone home to meet the fam is pretty much a person's way of saying, "This man/woman is very special to me and is going to be in my life for quite some time, so I want you to get to know him/her."

If the two of them were merely hooking up and doing the whole friends with benefits thing, it's not likely that they'd get their families involved. Once the introductions have taken place, it's much harder to cut someone loose -- because it's almost like there's more than one tie that needs to be severed. 

Think about it for a second -- have you ever missed someone's family after breaking up with them? I know I have. And that's why it's not a good idea to bring anyone home unless you plan on getting serious with them.

Now let's just hope Kendall makes a good impression with the Styles crew. Something tells me if Harry's mum isn't fond of her, the odds of them working out will go down considerably.

Have you ever brought someone home to meet your family before things got serious?


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