Kanye West Hates 'Coinye West' Money Even More Than the Paparazzi

Kanye WestKanye West is not a notoriously easy-going person. His ego won't allow it. I'll be real, I kind of loved when he insisted on calling himself a genius during Kimmel-Gate 2013. If you don't believe in yourself to an almost megalomaniac degree, it's probably a lot harder to become a celebrity. I know my therapist would be down a client if you could just say "I am the greatest" and believe it. So kudos to K-Dawg for that.

Still, you'd like to think a persona capable of that much self-bravado would also manage to have a sense of humor. You would be wrong. For proof, please observe his most recent lawsuit. Kanye is suing the creators of Coinye. What's that you say? You've never heard of Coinye until Kanye's lawsuit brought it to your attention? Exactly. 


"Coinye" is a form of virtual currency -- like bitcoin, but far, far more hilarious. Ostensibly, you can use the stuff to buy products online from select merchants. The image on the fake coins is of a South-Park style Kanye West (so, Kanye as a gay fish) and the dude has zero time for it. He's tried to get the makers of the stuff to cease and desist saying that every day Coinye is sold it's harming his reputation.


I'd argue that he's doing a fine job of that himself with this lawsuit. Dude, I had no idea this was even a thing until I read you were suing! Calm down! Get Kim in the sink! Hang out with Anna Wintor and talk about your shared loved of dramatic coats!

The last thing you need to be worrying about is some internet monies illing your flavor, 'Ye. Also I like that is suing Amazon.com just to cover his bases? Because he doesn't even really know who is behind this stuff? What I'm saying is buy stock in Coinye. It's gonna be huge. Sincerely, Jordan Belfort.

Do you think Kanye should drop this latest lawsuit?


Image via tumblr/John Parra/Getty

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