Emily Maynard Shares Why Her Fourth Engagement Will Definitely Be the Charm

emily maynard tyler johnsonAfter losing her first fiance, Ricky Hendrick, in a tragic plane crash in 2004, getting engaged to Bachelor Brad Womack in 2010 only to break it off in 2011, then getting engaged to Jef Holm on her own season of The Bacheorette in 2012, only to call it off, it's no wonder a lot of people are invested in Emily Maynard's love life. And that she went on Good Morning America this morning to tell co-anchor Lara Spencer all about her exciting engagement news and how future husband, Tyler Johnson, stole her heart.

While most of us are thrilled for her, I'm sure there are still some skeptics out there! But judging from what she revealed, the fourth time really will be the charm for Emily ...


One reason: The two started off as friends. She explained to Lara:

We met each other at church, and I think that's why our relationship is so good now, because we started out as friends. ... We were really just friends and we got to know each other.

Friendship is always the best foundation for a relationship, and it doesn't hurt that they had the time to really get to know one another. Plus, it sounds like Tyler's super-romantic and invested not only in his bond with Emily but her daughter Ricki, too, who Emily says "wakes up saying, 'Where's Tyler?'" Aww!

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When the man of the hour joined the interview via Skype, he retold their engagement story:

We got through Christmas and New Year's and had the girls back home. It wasn't long after that I went over one morning, woke the girls up, told them I was gonna cook 'em breakfast and kind of put 'em back to sleep. Then I brought 'em downstairs and proposed to her and Ricki. It was really special, really simple and a lot of fun.

And as far as Emily's concerned, the way he proposed was the "sweetest thing ever." She also went on to explain how she knows he's The One:

He's confident in who he is in his faith and has the kindest heart of any person I've ever known! Plus, he's a babe.

Ha, so cute! The couple couldn't seem more over-the-moon for one another ... I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Tyler is definitely a keeper. Can't wait to see them tie it up!

What do you think about Emily and Tyler's chemistry? Do you agree he's The One?


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