Justin Bieber's Egging Stunt Leads to an Arrest for Felony Drug Possession

When we first learned that Justin Bieber was allegedly involved in the egging of a neighbor’s home last week, we rolled our eyes and thought -- this is why people don’t you like, Justin.

Then we found out that the cops apparently raided the Bieb’s lair this morning with a felony search warrant, and we were all -- say what? It’s just a juvenile egging ...

But now we’re hearing news that at least one arrest has been made for felony drug possession. TMZ is reporting that Bieber’s bud Lil Za has been arrested on cocaine possession, which officers say was in plain sight when they arrived to search the premises.


Holy crap! That escalated quickly. Also escalating quickly? The amount of damage reported from the egging incident. Originally reported as “more than $400 in damage,” it looks to be closer to $20,000. Which I suppose meets the criteria of being “more than $400,” but it’s kind of off the charts when the two amounts are compared.

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The police spent Tuesday morning searching the 19-year-old’s residence for evidence in connection with the egging. There’s no indication they were actively looking for drugs as a police report stated, “The purpose of the search warrant is to seek video surveillance or other possible evidence in the vandalism that occurred on January 9, 2014 ..."

Biebs was home at the time and detained in his garage while his house was searched. His rep has declined to comment. No kidding.

So it looks like this egging prank is blowing up and morphing into a drug scandal. Will they be able to link it to Justin? Is his bud taking the rap for him? Could they both wind up in jail?

I mean, Bieber’s always been kind of a snotty brat, but come on, kid, you have to draw a line somewhere. Having illegal drugs at your house and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to other people’s property are not harmless kid pranks. They are real crimes, with real consequences.

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

Did you think there was something more going on than a simple egging?

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