Robert Pattinson Is Shirtless in New Clip -- I Repeat, SHIRTLESS! (VIDEO)

The Rover featuring Robert PattinsonIt's time to face the facts: Whether or not you are a Twilight fan, it's been WAY too long since we've gotten a healthy dose of some Robert Pattinson. With all of these "are they or aren't they" rumors flying around about him and Kristen Stewart, I've lost track of what Rob's been up to in his career. Thankfully, director David Michod has so graciously reminded us of how wonderful this man can be in a behind-the-scenes video clip from Rob's newest film, The Rover. Yup, there's new sexy footage of Rob with his shirt off, and man is he looking fab as ever.

The Rover, which is set to hit theaters March 13, stars Pattinson as a gang member seeking revenge. Oooh, Mama likes.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage, here:


Um, DUH he was your favorite David! I mean, hello, this guy is about to blow. Things. Up.

OK OK, so maybe that's a tad extreme. But let's be real, Rob's looked a zillion times better since things ended with Kristen Stewart. For Pattinson, 2014 is all about reinventing himself outside of being Twilight's Edward Cullen. This year is about trying new things, seizing opportunities, and showing everyone just how great he can be when he's not dealing with silly drama.

Do you think Rob's better off without Kristen?


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