Details From Next Season of ‘24’ Reveal a Shocking New Enemy for Jack Bauer

jack bauerCan you believe the premiere of the show 24 happened back in 2001? Well over a decade ago? How old does that make me feel? *Sobs quietly in a corner* Because I surely remember being glued to the television set (pre-DVR), counting down the seconds with Jack Bauer and wondering who else he would have to torture before some bomb exploded or someone got assassinated or some enemy broke all the computers with a cyber attack or whatever international crisis he'd have to solve in just ... you guessed it ... 24 hours.

In each season, 24 hours of Jack Bauer's life is covered, and not only did you sit on the edge of your seat during this adrenaline-pumping show, you also couldn't help but wonder if Jack ever needed to use the bathroom. The show spanned eight seasons, and we haven't really seen anything like it since.

That is, until now. 24 is back with "24: Live Another Day," which is a 12-episode series that will debut May 5. 


Kiefer Sutherland ("damnit!!!") will reprise the iconic role, and he'll be joined by Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played Chloe O'Brian, as well as Kim Raver and William Devane. It will apparently pick up a few years after the original show ended. Bauer's on the run and being hunted by the CIA, but sadly must take on his once-good-friend Chloe, who's "joined the free information movement as a moral radical," according to the LA Times.

The reboot has been making the news since Fox had its winter press tour today and revealed a lot of what we can expect to see in this latest season. Instead of 24 episodes, this one will go for just 12 hours. Executive producer Howard Gordon says that 24 episodes each season "was a marathon. It was really, really punishing." It will be in real-time, but it may jump forward for a couple hours (so I guess that's when Jack has time to use the bathroom) and take us to new environments, which the old setup could not do.

In a hilarious tidbit, executive producer Evan Katz joked that they couldn't remember the fates of some of the characters: "We looked at each other and said, 'Is he dead?' ... Sometimes we have to check Wikipedia." Also, believe it or not, most of the action will take place in London. Shooting will start soon and they're halfway through the writing process. Sutherland says, "We're following the President and the Prime Minister of Great Britain." Who knows what crazy shit Jack will be able to get up to in London! Can't wait to see it.

And, as Sutherland reiterated, there's always an opportunity, "an ongoing situation," for there to be a 24 movie.

Terrorists, corrupt politicians, cyber crooks, beware! You may have spent your entire lives trying to figure out how to bring the USA (or, well, London) down, but it'll take Jack just 24 hours to thwart it all. And we'll get a front row seat come May!

Did you ever watch 24? Will you check out the new season?


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