Taylor Swift & Jared Leto Hooking Up? Say It Isn't So! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift Jared Leto

What. The. HELL? I really wish this were some sort of optical illusion, but alas, it appears to be for reals, you guys. Yes ... that's a photo of Taylor Swift and Jared Leto looking all cozy together at a Golden Globes after-party.

Go ahead and cry or scream a little bit if you feel like it -- I sure did. Maybe they simply bumped into each other and someone happened to snap a picture. Or maybe they were both totally wasted and wound up having a surprisingly interesting conversation. Let's go ahead and assume one of those is true -- because I think I speak for the masses when I say the thought of Taylor snagging Jordan Catalano is just way too much for our hearts to bear.


OMG. What if they are in the midst of hooking up ... like legitimately?!?

How can this be? They couldn't possibly be any more mis-matched. He's so freakin' sexy, it hurts. And he's mysterious and kind of weird yet so dreamy I can't even stand it. And she's ... well -- Taylor Swift

Oh, and what about the age difference? At 42, he's 18 years her senior -- which seems like a bit of a huge gap, considering how squeaky-clean she portrays herself to be.

And another thing, there probably isn't a woman alive who wouldn't be all over Jordan (I mean Jared) if he showed the slightest hint of interest. What the heck is he doing wasting his time chatting up Taylor Swift?!?

I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around this one. And that's why for now, I'm going to assume Jared was simply being friendly and that Taylor was eating up his attention -- because who wouldn't?

But if they happen to pop up somewhere together looking chummy again, I might have to go hide in the closet with the TV and DVD player and cry my way through My So Called Life episodes. It'll be too much to take at that point.

Do you think Taylor and Jared would make a cute couple?


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