Kristen Stewart Makes Mysterious Comment: Was She Talking About Rob?

robstenThe usually quiet Kristen Stewart gave a somewhat revealing interview recently. Okay, the entire interview wasn't revealing, but one line from the interview was sort of revealing, and for Kristen Stewart, that's pretty revealing. While talking to Flare magazine about her character in the upcoming movie, Camp X-Ray, Kristy said: "Her eyes are smashed open, and I know that feeling."

Oh, do you now?

Methinks someone is talking about that time they got caught cheating with another someone on their very special someone in front of the whole world and then realized what they had, hence the "eye smashing." I mean, the message is clear as day, right? She may as well have worn an "RPattz 4 Eva" sweatshirt to the interview.


I suppose there's a chance that KStew was talking about another eye-opening experience in her life, but she's not a dumb girl -- she knows that people are going to immediately go to RPattz after a comment like this, so I have to think she was, in fact, talking about RPattz. It's basic math, really. 

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Judging from this, it sounds like Kristen still isn't over what she did to Rob, and there's still, understandably, a bit of a rift between the two love birds. Hopefully, they'll work it out, and the next time Kristen gives an interview, she won't have to be cagey. She'll just be like, "I'm in love with Robert Pattinson, got a problem with that?"

And we'll be like, "We know. And no."

Do you think Kristen Stewart was talking about Rob in the interview?


Image via Juan Naharro Gimenez

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