Kristen Stewart’s Smile Has Nothing to Do With Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart When I think of Kristen Stewart, several adjectives leap to mind. Also nouns. "Actress," I think. "Brunette," I also think. "Twilight," too -- because well obviously. Sometimes I think "Panic Room" but then I think "Jodie Foster" and then "Jared Leto's white guy dreds era" and get completely distracted. What can I say? My inner life is vivid and comprehensive.

One word that doesn't skitter across my brain-meats where Ms. Stewart is concerned? "Smiley." KStew (long may she reign) isn't know for any excessive demonstration of teeth and/or gums. She isn't a naturally unhappy person, at least I don't think so. She's just paparazzi wary and has a personal life riddled with drama. That's why when Kristen is caught smiling -- it's legitimately newsworthy. SO BRING ME MY PULITZER Y'ALL, because the broad was lately caught damn near to beaming.


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What's got Kristen so happy? Short of pharmaceutical intervention and some serious time in the sack, only she knows. The recent pics were snapped as the girl visited the library. So basically what we've learned is that Kristen Stewart and Belle from Beauty and the Beast are the same person, deriving joy from novels as they suffer through life in a poor, provincial town. 

Clearly her grins have naught to do with Rob Pattinson. What's this? A woman expressing happiness that is heretofore unrelated to the on-again-off-again man in her life? UNTHINKABLE. Even though I know better I found myself going, "Does this mean she's happy they aren't together? Or she's happy because they are?"

In this case I think the smiles have less to do with the man in her life and more to do with her future. If she's stocking up on books, it could mean she's following through on her plans to re-up her education. Whatever the reason, it looks like she's got a lot in her future (Rob Pattinson and otherwise) to be excited about it. 

What do you think Kristen should study if she is going back to school?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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