If Kate Middleton Has 'Most Desirable' Body the Rest of Us Should Give Up Now

Kate MiddletonGah. We all admire her from afar and gush over how gorgeous she is constantly -- and now it looks like there's one more reason to hope we come back as the Duchess of Cambridge in a future life. In a new poll conducted in the U.K., Kate Middleton's body type was voted most desirable -- not that any of us should be remotely surprised.

Yep. Men and women think a body that is less than 140 pounds and smaller than a size 14 is the cut-off point for looking sexy -- which Kate obviously falls under by quite a bit. (She has to be about 110 and a size 2, if I had to guess.)


Honestly, I can't decide if this is good news or bad news. On the one hand, it confirms what most of us have known in our minds for quite some time. A.) It must be pretty freakin' awesome to be as stunning as Kate, and B.) She's about as flawless and good looking as flawless and good looking women get, so it's no wonder we admire and look up to her.

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But then there's the downside of the whole thing. If Kate is considered the ideal -- what hope is there for the rest of us as far as feeling like hot tickets goes? I mean, we're not stupid -- we know we're never gonna look exactly like her. But most of us figured the rest of the world had her up on a pedestal and realized her kind of beauty is pretty much unattainable -- and figured maybe the standards of what's sexy could be lowered just a tad for all the non-royals out there.

Oh, what the hell. Let's just go ahead and call this a win in the sense that now we don't have to be quite as concerned with whittling our own waistlines -- because the odds of us ever getting down to Kate's size are beyond slim to none. I'm giving up and shutting up -- who's with me?

(Please pass the cookies.)

Do you think Kate's body is ideal?


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