Kendall Jenner's Sweet Gift for Harry Styles Tells Us All We Need to Know

Harry StylesLooks like things are really starting to get serious, people! After hearing about the adorable gift that Kendall Jenner purchased for Harry Styles -- it's clear that the two of them are venturing head first into boyfriend-girlfriend territory. (OMG.)

According to Yahoo!, Kendall put together a "hamper" (whatever the hell that is) of Harry's favorite foods from Harrod's prior to their ski trip -- so that he'd feel comfortable and less homesick over here in the good old U.S.A.

Ok, so I'm sure you want to know what exactly was in this little goodie basket.


Supposedly it contained apple juice, English breakfast tea, hand made chocolates, and peanut butter. (Ok, so aside from the tea -- can't you get those things here? Whatever.)

Oh, and she also had a jeweler friend make Harry a necklace of "silver and black rubber" as a token of affection to accompany the basket of munchies.

As for whether or not he liked the gesture, a source says, "Harry was chuffed with his hamper and ate most of it while skiing. He couldn't get over how much care and tenderness went into it."

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Wow. Who knew Kendall had such a thoughtful spirit? It really was nice of her to do something special like this -- and she had to put a decent amount of creativity into the idea, considering Harry is a dude who basically has everything.

Ugh. I really didn't want to like these two together, but for whatever reason, I think they're pretty darn cute as a couple. And if they're going out of their way to do sweet little things for each other -- they have to be dating, not just hooking up or doing the whole "friends with benefits" thing. Why would you even bother trying to impress someone you know has zero interest in anything long-term? (That's right. You wouldn't.)

Looks like Kendall and Harry are well on their way to needing some sort of joint name so we don't have to say both from now on. Kerry? Hendall? Handall? Kenry? We gotta start callin' 'em something.

Do you think Kendall's gift for Harry was sweet, or cheesy?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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