Kylie Jenner May Have Dated Jaden Smith Because Her Mom Made Her

kylie and jadenKylie Jenner has a bone to pick. She doesn't appreciate all the claims that she only dated  as a publicity stunt. The 16-year-old reality star took Jaden Smith to twitter to defend the honor of their romance and slam the naysayers.


But there is a good reason to doubt the legitimacy of their relationship, according to


There are reports that Kris Jenner has a heavy hand in her daughter's love life. Basically, she requires any guy who goes on a date with Kylie or Kendall to meet certain superficial criteria: He needs "to be famous and in the current limelight," a source told the website. The prospective date must meet up with Kris first and she must give her blessing before her girls can start a relationship.

Basically, they can only date guys who will help them become more famous. A good, sweet person will get the boot unless he can guarantee some paparazzi coverage. Well, mission accomplished. Kylie and Jaden are always snapped together and everyone is following the new Kendall/Harry Styles set up.

If this claims about Kris are true, this is absolutely shameful. Way to teach your girls about what really matters in the world. At this age, why not let the dating process be natural? The teenage years are an emotional roller coaster, why further complicate things with a fake and superficial relationship.

I hope this is nothing but rumor, but I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't. Just look at how she's engineered the lives of her other daughters. Khloe's quickie wedding to Lamar Odom. Kim's rushed engagement to Kris Humphries. Every aspect of their love lives has been fodder for the camera. It seems with all the public heartbreak that her girls have experienced, she would let them be when it comes to finding love.

Do you think Kris engineers Kylie and Kendall's romances for publicity?


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