Kim Kardashian Visits the Doctor So She's Obviously Pregnant Again

Kim KardashianThe speculation over when she'll wind up having another baby has been a topic of interest for quite some time -- and now there's a rumor going around that Kim Kardashian is pregnant again.

(Geez. That was fast.)

Kim was spotted leaving a medical office in Beverly Hills with Kanye West over the weekend, and (gasp!) -- she was reportedly clutching her stomach as she walked to the car.

Which means she totally has to be knocked up ... right?


I mean, she's engaged to Kanye. And they already have a child together -- which means the only plausible reason they'd be visiting a doctor's office is because she's expecting baby number two. God forbid she should have some sort of other ailment going on -- like a tummy ache, sniffle, etc. -- which would require her to get checked out by a physician to make sure everything is ok.

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Ugh. Am I the only one who feels kind of bad for Kim, in the sense that she can't do something as simple as going to see the doctor without people assuming North West is going to have a sibling in the near future?

I'm sure it's bound to happen at some point down the road, but given that her baby is only a few months old -- can't we cut her a little bit of slack? You'd think the rumor mill would take a rest until Nori is at least a year old or so. At least by that point, Kim will have had enough time to enjoy her post-baby body for a few months before surrendering it to pregnancy once again.

Oh please -- she hasn't exactly been shy about showing off her slimmed down figure -- so why on earth would she go and mess up all the hard work she's put in since Nori's arrival? And on top of that, she and Kanye still have their wedding to look forward to, so I highly doubt another baby will be in the works until after they're officially husband and wife.

I'm going to go ahead and say it. If Kim is actually pregnant again, I'll be completely shocked. And confused. (But of course I'll be happy for her.)

Do you really think Kim is pregnant with baby number two?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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