Catherine Giudici Makes Big Lifestyle Change to Please Sean Lowe

Catherine Giudici Jay Lowe

Whoa. It's been obvious for months that she's definitely head-over-heels in love with Sean Lowe -- but her devotion is even more evident now that Catherine Giudici was baptized over the weekend into Sean's church.

Well, at least that's what I'm taking away from this photo she posted to Instagram. Sure looks like she's been involved in some sort of religious ceremony, right? And how cute that Sean's dad was the one who officially welcomed her into the church. (Duh. Who else would've done the honors? Dude is officiating the wedding, after all.)


We certainly didn't need any more proof that Sean and Catherine are the real deal -- but the fact that she was willing to convert for him before they tie the knot speaks volumes about just how committed she is to this marriage.

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Whether she was religious or not up until this point, getting baptized for Sean's sake shows that Catherine truly believes they're going to spend the rest of their lives together. And it's also a good indicator of something else that must be in the forefront of her mind -- having kids.

Sure a person's spiritual beliefs are always important -- but they take on a whole new meaning once little ones enter the picture. It's so much easier if both parents are on the same page religion-wise, so Catherine getting baptized definitely puts her and Sean on the right path to having less conflicts when that time presents itself.

And I guess there's also some significance in the fact that Catherine took the plunge (hee hee) and got baptized now instead of waiting until after she and Sean are married. This way, they'll be even more united as they enter this new phase of their lives together, which makes their union even more symbolic and special.

OMG. This wedding cannot come soon enough. How excited are you to watch Sean and Catherine say, "I do" on January 26th?!?

Did you convert before getting married?


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