Jacqueline Bisset's Bizarre Golden Globes Speech Even Baffles the Censors (VIDEO)

Jacqueline Bisset Golden GlobesGoing in, we knew Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would nail hosting the 2014 Golden Globes. We knew Jennifer Lawrence would probably make us love her even more and Breaking Bad would most likely win some awards. We even knew there would be at least one absolutely crazy, what the heck are they talking about speech of the night. But nobody expected that acceptance speech to come from Jacqueline Bisset.

Then again, nobody expected the British actress to show up with hair that looked like she just rolled out of bed either, but it happened! And after taking 69 years to get to the stage (or it felt like it anyway), the winner for best supporting actress for Dancing on the Edge managed to surprise even the NBC censors with her curse-laden crazy pants acceptance:


You caught the "s--t," didn't you? So much for NBC's delay! That meandering mess of a speech was so hard to follow, no one can really blame the censors for missing it.

Was that Bisset's way of giving the Hollywood Foreign Press the middle finger for making her wait until her fifth nomination to win? Or was the 69-year-old actress in her cups, as they say across the pond?

She wouldn't be the only one. Fellow Brit Emma Thompson actually brought her cocktail right out on stage to introduce the nominees for the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, although she gave credit for the actual introduction to the "voice of God." And Amy and Tina brought out their own goblets later in the night in a nod to the rather inebriated tone of the evening.

Who knows. Bisset may have just been in such shock that she didn't know what to say. You've got the whole world watching, and that pesky music to contend with, and you know the audience is just biding its time until Amy and Tina come back onstage.

Either way, she was entertaining. Which is more than can be said of Ben Affleck's presenting this year.

What did you make of Jacqueline Bisset's speech?


Image via Getty Images/Handout

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