Pam Anderson Is Quietly Remarried to One of Her 3 Previous Husbands

Pam AndersonWhen it's right, it's right. In Pamela Anderson's case it was right all along -- she just didn't know it back in 2007 when she and producer Rick Salomon married the first time. She filed for divorce just a few months later.

But they always remained friends, or as Anderson once called it, "friends with benefits," so, um, they stayed closer than most married couples do when they split up, apparently.

But maybe that's what helped them discover they really wanted to be together in a more permanent way, again. Anderson revealed yesterday that she and Salomon have remarried after a reporter spotted a wedding ring on her finger and asked about it at a charity event.


No word on when the wedding was or how they did it -- only that she and their families are very happy. Hey, remember when Pam Anderson chopped off her hair into a chic pixie last fall? Maybe that was when!

It was never a secret that Anderson, 46, and Salomon, 45, (who used to be married to Shannen Doherty, remember?) were together -- they had been photographed as a couple lots of times at big events.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Anderson, who was also once married to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, about the relationship with Salomon on her show last year, Degeneres quipped: "You keep going back to the same guys. You're married, then you go back."

"It's recycling!" Anderson replied.

Do you think it's true that lots of women always go back to the same guys? Is this true of you or your friends?


Image via Donald Bowers/Getty

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