Lindsay Lohan Is Dating a College Student!

Lindsay LohanWord on the street is that Lindsay Lohan has a new man! And he's a student at Liverpool John Moores University and he's British! She loves English guys and their accents as we know. Maybe LiLo will pull a Madonna or Gwyneth and settle down in London. Wait, probably getting ahead of things since we don't really know if this thing with Christian Arno Williams is anything more than a fling, although friends said the two are pretty close and happy with the direction things have been going.

So let's talk a little bit about this new guy, who surprise surprise is also an Abercrombie and Hollister model. C'mon, you didn't think Lindsay was going to hook up with a political science major who still lives at home, did you?


So stating the obvious -- Williams is gorgeous. You've probably drooled over him plenty of times while browsing magazines without even knowing it, um, if you go for that sort of thing. You know, tall, buff, great smile, concave stomach, scruff on the face, abs, blah blah. Just google him, you'll see.

The two reportedly have hooked up from time to time but recently turned it up a notch after meeting at the Shanghai Fashion Show. They supposedly took a trip abroad and she is said to have given him a pretty expensive Rolex.

Sounds serious! Williams is trying to keep the relationship "discreet" but now the word is obviously out so we'll have to see how well they can stay out of the spotlight. We know all to well how that goes with Lindsay.

Do you think Lohan and Williams are a good match-up?

Image via Splash News

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