Bethenny Frankel Disses Jason Hoppy in Scathing Confession on Her Talk Show (VIDEO)

Bethenny FrankelThe divorce between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy hasn't exactly been like the lovey-dovey one between Courtney Cox and David Arquette, but Bethenny may have saved for biggest insult for now. During her talk show, guest Patti Stanger told Bethenny she deserved to be with a hot billionaire (me too!) and Bethenny oh-so-tactfully replied:

I’m certainly not looking, but I would never ever settle again.

Ooooh, what? So Patti does the inevitable and asks if she's referring to her ex and father of her child, Jason.


"Do you think you settled with Jason?" Patti asks.

Well, what do YOU think, people? Bethenny replies: "Yes, I do."

Just so there's no room for misunderstanding. Yeesh, there is probably no worse insult than saying you "settled" for someone. Calling an ex an asshole is one thing -- your fiery response means there was probably great love there at one point.

But saying you "settled" just sounds like you never loved that person at all. Never felt passion for him. You were, essentially, with that person because you couldn't find anything better at the time. You cut down your expectations and "settled" for something easy.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Jason's gotta be feeling that one!

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Patti chastizes Bethenny for admitting this out loud, but Bethenny defends herself and says she has a talk show and therefore an obligation to be honest.

There's honest and then there's brutal. And when you've got a kid involved, one who will hear and understand all of these comments some day (the Internet does not go away, folks), it's not necessarily the most mature thing to do.

Didn't she EVER love Jason? If not, then that's on her, not him. Why marry someone you don't love?

Have you ever settled? Have you ever admitted it?

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