Mom of Cursing Toddler Says Her Son Does NOT Swear (VIDEO)

The mom of the little boy that made waves on the Internet yesterday when police put him in protective services after a video surfaced of him cussing and being cussed at has spoken out.

The 16-year-old mom, who had her face obscured because she’s a minor, claims that it was just a one-off, and that her son doesn’t swear like that on a regular basis. She also said that his diaper was clean, and the house was clean to defend her parenting skills.


Oh honey. Yes, it’s clear that the guys filming him egged on your son, but he’s not just repeating them. He’s coming up with his own obscenities, and he clearly knows which finger to lift up to flip the bird.

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We could debate all day about the appropriateness of cussing around toddlers, or even teaching them to say swear words, but fact of the matter is that this doesn’t seem to be a one-time thing.

It’s really hard sometimes to acknowledge when our kids are less than perfect. I think it’s our natural instinct as moms to want to protect and defend our kids, even to a fault. We are all somewhat blinded by love when it comes to our children, but it’s important to acknowledge something’s not right.

Besides, it’s not like this little guy did anything wrong himself. Kids that young don’t know what those words mean -- how could they? They simply don’t have any context. This mom insists her son is a good kid, and doesn’t cuss like that because she doesn’t allow it.

Well, Mama, he does cuss like that, and denying reality isn’t going to make it any less true. It’s best to face the facts and address them head on, instead of pretending like it isn’t happening.

Do you have a hard time accepting your parenting shortcomings?

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