Shia LaBeouf Run Out of Public Life Forever -- So He Says

Hey, everyone! Shia LaBeouf has announced that he is going away. Forever. The Transformers franchise star has been embroiled in some plagarism scandals lately and I guess it's taking its toll.

He doesn't exactly say what form this retirement will take, but apparently it has nothing to do with Twitter. Which he is still on.


He announced via Twitter:


LaBeouf has been under fire since he plagarized material from graphic novelist Daniel Clowes for a short film. First he just blamed it on being "inspired" by the writer. Then he finally admitted he "fucked up."

Then he hired a skywriter to puff out an apology in the sky. (Lena Dunham called him a sociopath for this stunt.) Then, after his "retirement" tweet this morning, he hired another skywriter (they must be so thrilled with all of the business Shia is giving them) to write out #StopCreating. Yes, he actually added a hashtag.


Shia has some very strange ways of retiring from public life -- what with all the grandstanding. Good god, can you imagine what would happen if he announced he was dedicating himself to public life? He'd probably plaster his weird musings on every billboard in the country and hire lookalikes to crash random people while they showered.

Oddly, Shia has a history of plagarizing. Defamer came up with a whole list of times he's plagarized -- including in his apologies for plagarizing. He's like some kind of plagarizing vortex. (Shia claims he's just satirizing the modern-day jones for apologizing. And doing it with other people's words, of course. As Shia himself says in one tweet, which I think came from him but can't be sure, "Words are important.")

Okay, so we can just agree that Shia doesn't have an original bone in his body. I mean, all of us, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, we all agree.

Something tells me this won't be the last we hear from Shia -- or rather, whomever he decides to plagarize next.

Meanwhile, see ya, Shi-ya! (Feel free to use that one, Shia. I'll totally let it slide.)

Do you think he'll really retire? Will he ever learn to formulate his own words?


Image via Splash News

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