Emily Maynard's New Engagement Bling & Wedding Plans Revealed (VIDEO)

emily maynardCould it be that former Bachelorette Emily Maynard has finally found true love and is really ready to settle down? Looks like it -- at least judging from all the details surrounding this week's newsflash that she's engaged to hometown sweetheart Tyler Johnson! (Yup, that makes this the fourth time Ricki's mama's been betrothed.)

Emily talked to Us about how he popped the question, and it sounds like their engagement was everything she's been waiting and hoping for. Tyler reportedly got down on one knee with five diamond-studded bands instead of a more traditional rock, which was perfect by Emily, who said, "I've had enough engagement rings."


As for the proposal, it sounds like it might as well have been orchestrated on a reality show! E! News reports that after asking Emily's father and her daughter Ricki's paternal grandparents for permission beforehand, Tyler filled her house with flowers and candles, a source explained. Emily "knew immediately what was happening" when she saw the display. "She was crying. She's super happy. He's her best friend," the insider says. Awww!

Understandably, Emily and Tyler aren't planning on waiting very long at all to tie the knot. The couple, who has been dating for a year, is looking to set the date for sometime this spring. Perfect!

I love that it seems like they're opting to for the non-traditional all around. Emily's certainly had a unique path to the altar, so why not honor that with not just her engagement bling, but everything about these upcoming nuptials? For instance, as she tells Us, there really is "no point in waiting." Sure, many brides try to set the date about a year out, but several months to plan the wedding should be plenty for Emily. After all, I'm guessing she pretty much knows what she wants in so far as decor, a theme, venue, etc.

But ultimately, the timing is about the couple wanting to kick off their life together. Really, who could blame 'em?!

Check out this video for a close-up of the bride-to-be's new bling and even more scoop on their upcoming "I do"s ...




What do you think about Emily's non-traditional engagement rings and spring wedding date?


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