Lea Michele's 'Cannonball' Video Makes Us Want More (WATCH)

Lea Michele

Lea Michele, you've outdone yourself. After teasing her fans with a sneak peek of "Cannonball" music video on Wednesday, the Glee songstress released her first full-length video from upcoming album Louder yesterday. Directed by Robert Hales, Lea Michele's "Cannonball" music video is on fire.

Starting things off in all black, Michele looks lonely and vulnerable as she belts out lyrics in an abandoned mansion. With light streaming across her face, the video turns more hopeful as the songstress belts out "I will start living today/ Today, today I close the door/ I got this new beginning and I will fly/ I'll fly like a cannonball."

By end of "Cannonball," Lea's looks hands-down more beautiful than ever. Here, see for yourself:


I told you, she's phenomenal. And as perfect as I think this was for Lea's first real music video, I'm interested to see what the future holds for her. Sure, we know Lea can look absolutely flawless even in a paper bag. However, what will happen when dancers are added into the mix? Costumes? The whole shebang. That's when we'll see how Lea really makes the transformation from good girl Rachel Berry to pop songstress. 

What do you think of Lea's first music video?


Image via LeaMichelemusicVEVO/YouTube

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