Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson May Wind Up Together After All

robstenIt's starting to look like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have turned a corner in their relationship/non-relationship. They're seeming less ... immature lately. According to reports, the pair was supposed to get together for New Year's, but wound up not, because Rob opted to spend time with his family. Apparently, Rob was in New York to ring in the New Year, and the original plan was for him to fly to Los Angeles to spend time with Kristen afterwards, before jetting off to Morocco for a movie. But at the last minute, Rob had a change of plans, and decided to fly to London to see his family instead. He ditched KStew for his parentals. And, so say the sources, Kristen was bummed out, but totally understood, because she gets "how important Rob's family is to him." 

What's this, I see? Could it be ... ? Are these two actually in a mature relationship? Or starting to be? It's about time!


Every day, we hear rumors of Rob and Kristen being together, being broken up, dating other people, etc. Personally, I'm a believer that there's something going on with them, because there's just too much smoke. And if they are, in fact, together, then this is a good sign! This is what healthy people in healthy relationships do! If they would have had a blow-out fight over the fact that Rob wanted to see his parents and siblings before leaving for a long movie shoot, that would have been bad. It would have shown that they're still at square one. But since Kristen was cool with everything, it looks like they're moving in the right direction.

Baby steps, guys. At this point, that's really all we can ask for, right? That, and for them to make out in public already.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are together, or do you think it's all just a rumor?


Image via Splash News

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