Kristen Stewart’s New Topless Ad Is Bound to Get Robert Pattinson’s Attention (VIDEO)

Remember last summer when Robert Pattinson was reportedly annoyed with Kristen Stewart for duplicating his film choices? I wonder what he has to say about her steamy new topless perfume ads?

On the heels of RPatz’s much anticipated (and celebrated!) uber hawt Dior ads, KStew is now the face of Balenciaga’s fragrance line Rosabotanica. And by face, I mean her naked torso, adorned with beautiful vines and flowers that appear almost like a three-dimensional tattoo.


In some behind the scenes footage, we get to see the Kristen ditch her tomboy look and become what can only be described as a sultry garden fairy.

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She tells the camera, “It’s very much in keeping with the story in the first one. It was very fresh, clean, bare and in your face, and with this one it’s a bit more lived in. It’s like she knows the environment so well that when the lens steps in to look at her it’s like, ‘I’ve been here for so long, now who is looking at me?’”

Bare being the operating word there, as the actress is topless. In some shots you can see her wearing just jeans, which as we all know is never a turn on for guys when girls are topless in a tight pair of jeans. And by never I mean always.

Is she trying to lure Robert Pattinson back? There’s no way it can escape his attention. Is it a tease? A “be with me please”?

Maybe. After all, she is smiling in this video, people. Smiling. Kristen Stewart. I rest my case.

Do you think Robert Pattinson will glance twice at Kristen Stewart's new ad campaign?

Image via DiarioTwilight2/YouTube

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