Robert Pattinson Is Just ‘Good Friends’ With Another Pretty Kristen Stewart Pal

Robert PattinsonHey, wasn't it just the other day that we learned that Robert Pattinson was dating yet another one of Kristen Stewart's pals? First, Katy Perry. Then Dylan Penn. Then British sketch artist Nettie Wakefield, whom he supposedly got "touchy feely" with. He also supposedly had a "play fight" with her and "mussed" her hair and then they "giggled." Which means they must be getting horizontal people! Well, scratch that. A source close to both of them tells E! News that Rob and Nettie are just good friends. The kind that muss each other's hair and giggle like tweens over Harry Styles.


The source (Rob? Nettie? Kristen???!!) says:

[They are] very good friends and are definitely not dating.

Sorry, did I say they were good friends? I meant very good friends. And they are not dating. But no one said they are not getting horizontal! Semantics! (I suspect this hot dude is Nettie's real boyfriend, but maybe they're kaput by now.)

The two were snapped by a fan enjoying a dinner out while Rob was home over the holidays and -- gasp! -- they were smiling and laughing. Smiling. And. Laughing! (Look at the sneaky way the fan got Rob into frame. So obvs!)

As sorry as I am for Rob that he can't go anywhere without someone surreptitiously snapping his photo and the rumors a flyin', can I just say? This guy gets around! Who has so many young, beautiful female pals? A player, that's who!

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Now Kristen and he aren't together so they can do what they like; however, if MY ex were seen with so many women after a break, I'd be pretty pissed that he moved on so fast. The walking papers weren't even dry yet. Rob should really be moping around, scuffing his shoes, and breaking into occasional wracking sobs.

Do you think Rob has totally moved on?


Images via NettieDraws/Instagram & SplashNews

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